Business Coaching

Organizations change when people do

What’s your immunity to change?

“There is no more perfect marriage of interests—between the needs of an organization and the needs of its individual members—than the ongoing growth of people at work. No “benefit” an organization provides its employees is a better investment than the one that meets our deepest human hunger, to experience the continuing unfolding of our capacities to see more deeply (inwardly and outwardly) and to act more effectively and with greater range.”

Immunity to Change
By Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey

Access the power of change

How people relate to change is the single most important factor in successfully moving your organization toward desired directions of growth. Your change potential optimizes when you actively support people in developing and honing their capacity for change. Self-leadership results⁠—maximizing strategic advantage through engaging everyone’s resources for success.

Partnering with the right organizational coach can help you realize accelerated progress toward your desired business outcomes. Using tested coaching methods and the “Immunity to Change” process, Jean Selkirk helps people and teams locate their obstacles to change. Then through overcoming their fear of change, lasting growth results through changing mindsets and behaviors at the same time. This in turn provides genuine motivation to maintain success. Supporting employees at any or all levels with coaching for authentic change builds capacity in skill sets, leadership, and above all, frees untapped potential.

Whether you are an organization looking to support change through coaching your teams, an individual proactively improving your resilience and/or leadership skills, coaching provides the support and resources to improve your performance and align with what matters most to you.

How do your people navigate change?

When your teams or functional units need to pivot quickly and be resilient, do people work together like a well-oiled racing machine? Or do screeching sounds make plain you’re running low on oil?

The sky is the limit!

Empower your people to create and lead change strategies for increased capacity and accelerated progress toward realizing your desired business outcomes.

Swap burning out for the fire of inspiration

Business leaders and organizational experts agree, the capacity to adapt to change is the hallmark of any successful and longstanding business. Your organization needs to anticipate customer needs, integrate a new merger or acquisition, and respond effectively to perpetually evolving market threats and opportunities. All of this while dealing with frequent internal changes:  personnel come and go, in and out the door and up and down the ladder, processes evolve, and technology continues to drive the pace of change.  

But the most important aspect of change is not about what needs to change, it’s how!

What do you want to get better at?

Change Process:


Setting stretch goals


Engaging in guided reflection


Aligning intentions with actions


Re-assess, re-align, re-engage


How much do you need change?

To find out if your team or organization needs to get better at change itself, or needs more of the right kind of soft skill “oil” to run smoothly, first ask how ready are your people for change?

Are you ready to support moving toward continuous change initiatives?  Or, does it feel like you’re going nowhere in circles, pushing a boulder up a mountain?

Clue #1: Energy Wasters!

Managers spend most of their time putting out fires due to interpersonal issues or ineffective work practices.  Communicating clearly seems impossible because no-one is listening.

Clue #2: No time for growth

Growth activities go by the wayside and taergets prove impossible to meet when in survival mode.  No-one ever has enough time, and because of the energy wasters, the stress keeps increasing.

Clue #3: Lost Opportunities

Personnel with unmet needs to develop as individuals and teams not working at top potential. When their very human need to grow is fulfilled, then the business benefits, too.

Are you experiencing any of these signs of organizational distress?

Hover over the images below to imagine a team of opposites!


Slow response time. Not cooperating.


Open to direction. Welcomes feedback.


Blinders prevent seeing or hearing clearly.


Able to look at filters, not through them.


Prefer winning to cooperating.


Trust, effective team communication, coordination, and performance.


Emotional distress, pain, stress.


Available, focused, takes initiative.


In working with Jean Selkirk as my business coach, I’ve found balance. My team benefits with each and every session. I have an open and confidential place to help me grow as a manager.  I’ve gone from chaos to balanced in how I approach each situation presented to me.

Coaching is for EVERYONE!  I’ve benefited both in my business and personal life from each session.  Imagine having a confidential place to discuss strategies of how to handle daily obstacles.  My Team sees the difference.  We use the same strategies within our division now to keep us all productive.

No topic is too small or too large to discuss with your coach. Each session is an opportunity to grow as an individual and a manager for me. I’ve had the strength to tackle a varying amount of topics and  issues. I’ve experienced a wonderful amount of growth, both personally and professionally.