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Let your own light take you where you want to go.

Change isn't always easy

Despite living in a rapidly changing world, we often encounter resistance to change within ourselves and others. Sometimes the world waits for us to change; other times it spins faster than we can adapt.

The temptation is to take the downhill path, maintain the status quo, go along, trust that others know what’s best for us, and do our best to fit in. Until we can’t. Along the way we find a signpost that wakes us up to a new pathway. Or a little voice in our head says, ‘Wait a minute, do I still WANT to fit in?” Or even, “When DID I stop fitting in?” “Did the world suddenly change or did I?” “Now what? How do I start trusting myself when I feel different?” “Wait another minute, now I’M a misfit!”

When change comes into our lives, we’re all misfits.

Some people spend their whole lives fitting in without a second thought. For others, the clarion call of change has always blared at top volume, they rarely feel they belong anywhere (unless they find other people they can relate to) and rebellion is second nature. Whatever the volume of the call, everyone on the change spectrum shares the same opportunity as the most extreme misfits to find their mojo, fit in anywhere, and pursue their passions.

So, what can we learn from the notable and inspiring misfits who persist and succeed with their dreams?

They are the true heros we all admire and love, even when we ostracize them: Artists, quirky free spirits, tech geeks, science nerds, rebels, mavericks, iconoclasts and geniuses. Every wilderness explorer of the back country, soul, spirit, and outer limits of consciousness. People who dare to live their dreams. The true visionaries not limited by others’ ideas, or even their own, who stand by their beliefs.

Anyone who engages in change is a hero

While many misfits become famous, along the way they share a lot in common with many everyday people meeting change:

  • Fitting in seems impossible.
  • Challenging other people’s ideas about what’s “normal.”
  • Heading another way when everyone else flows one way.
  • Expanding horizons, inside or out, are irresistibly appealing.
  • Risking everything to find your people, even when this may mean losing them again.
  • Growing pains lasting past childhood.

What change is calling to you?

We’re often called to change when life gets uncomfortable. While everyone’s story is unique, some common change catalysts include:


Life circumstances at home, or at work, have suddenly changed and you no longer know which way is up.


You have to get better at something whether you want to or not.


What once brought joy and happiness seems to no longer be serving you. But now what?


A spiritual breakthrough has necessitated a shift in identity. This can be a challenge to navigate and you may need support integrating new insights and developing new ways of showing up in the world.


You realize you want to rebel and follow your passion, yet you fear you won’t fit in. What happens if you feel different? Disconnected?


Values from childhood no longer make sense, new people, ideas, directions matter.

If no-one else understands why you do what you do, and you’re ready to give up on fitting in with what’s familiar and evolve into your own uniqueness, find out for yourself whose behind the veil and step out proud! Then you’ll fit in everywhere.

Wherever you are in your change process, it would be my honor to support you through the transformation and toward the results you seek.

The sky is the limit!

You have the resources you need to embrace your dreams and reach your highest potential. Partnering with the right coach supports accountability, builds awareness, and allows you to create empowered strategies and outcomes through trusting your wisdom and heart.

Change happens when you embrace your whole Self and begin exactly where you stand.

A proven approach to change...

Step 1. Connect with your goals

Before starting the climb, let’s backup a bit. What’s your story? Where are you not satisfied or feeling stuck? What are you tired of tolerating? What matters to you? What’s your heart’s desire?

In this part of the process, we’ll develop a common language for the change you’re seeking and connect it to what you care about.

Step 2: Discover your immunity to change

Changing behavior alone does not necessarily lead to transformation. Engaging in change often requires that we face our fear of change. One way to approach this is to consider what you want to get better at? What’s in the way? What are you not doing?

By understanding your immunity to change, you’re better able to recognize the opportunities and challenges that change presents and navigate any kind of change more skillfully.

Step 3: Conduct change experiments

Once we discover your fear or resistance to change, it’s time to learn how to access your own resources to engage in change. Together, we’ll imagine new thoughts/ beliefs/ behaviors that can help you on your journey and conduct “change experiments” that will build the confidence and capacity to recognize and establish change.

Step 4: Embrace change and realize the results!

Only the sky is the limit!! Self leadership. Endless growth of self-discovery and becoming. Once the mindset shifts, it opens to more shifts…building the capacity for change. Seeing everything from many more angles than you did before opens the imagination. There is power and freedom in being able to shift your point of view AND celebrate your unique perspective.

My approach & philosophy

I believe everyone has the capacity to engage their resources for change. Trusting your wisdom and heart may sound simple, but it takes courage. Engaging in change often requires facing our fear of change. Easier for some than others. You’re here because you’re curious how coaching can help you.

When you know what’s holding you back, and receive support to move forward, ONLY THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!

Coaching assists you in the following key ways:


Through supported reflection


With accountability through change


Allowing space for you


Listening to your vision


People Talk

“Jean has an immense amount of patience and expertise to help one create a platform with healthy boundaries where one can feel safe and given guidance on how to develop inner and outer tools to explore beyond the stereotypes that bind one’s potential for self acceptance and growth. Thank you, Jean, for all the positive changes in our lives!”

N. California

“Jean is an incredibly skillful listener and brings a wealth of wisdom and compassion to her coaching. I immediately felt safe and seen. As a result of our work together, I am more firmly rooted in who I am, what I want, and a growing confidence that I possess the skills, strength, and trust to follow-through on what matters to me.”

Mark O.