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Once you decide you want support for creating opportunity in your life, finding the right coach comes next.  Whatever led you here, now it’s time to meet the coach and explore what’s possible for you.

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In working with Jean Selkirk as my business coach, I’ve found balance. My team benefits with each and every session. I have an open and confidential place to help me grow as a manager.  I’ve gone from chaos to balanced in how I approach each situation presented to me.

Coaching is for EVERYONE!  I’ve benefited both in my business and personal life from each session.  Imagine having a confidential place to discuss strategies of how to handle daily obstacles.  My Team sees the difference.  We use the same strategies within our division now to keep us all productive.

No topic is too small or too large to discuss with your coach.  Each session is an opportunity to grow as an individual and a manager for me.  I’ve had the strength to tackle a varying amount of topics and  issues.  I’ve experienced a wonderful amount of grown personally and professionally.

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